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Regular meditation is proven to relieve stress and improve health.
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What You'll Get From The Centering Exercise
A powerful yet simple meditation guided by Laura Silva

You'll be guided to enter the alpha level, a deeper mental state in which you will have greater awareness of self.

Scientifically proven to decrease the negative effects of stress as tested on thousands by Harvard Professor, Dr. Herbert Benson MD.

Heightened creativity is unlocked at the alpha level of mind. 

Solve the problems you are currently dealing with more easily. At this deeper state of mind you will be able to get solutions to problems which are currently dealing with.
No Matter Where You Are In Your Life, The Silva Method Can Help
Whether you want to sleep better, improve your relationship, create a new business, manage your stress or 
find a better job, the Silva Method can help. These scientifically proven techniques are so effective 
that using the Silva Method was outlawed in California public schools. Why? 
Students were able to correctly answer the questions the teacher didn't even teach to the class. 
Jose Silva's Centering Exercise
The technique taught in this exercise by Laura Silva, one Jose Silva's daughters, was designed by Jose Silva himself. Jose Silva spent millions of dollars of his own money and 40 years of his life developing the advanced mind training program today called the Silva Method. Taught to more than 6 million people around the world, the Siva Method has transformed actors, politicians, business people, mothers and fathers by unlocking their minds potential and crate a greater life for themselves.
  • You'll learn an easy to use deepening technique which can literally take you to the alpha level in a matter of seconds.
  • This 30 minute meditation, when done completely, is equivalent to giving your organs 3 hours of natural healthy sleep. Your organs will therefore be more rested and you'll feel more refreshed than when you started.
  • Powerful visualizations. You've heard the phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words". This exercise will introduce you to how you can create physiological changes in your body just through a simple visualization.
The Power of The Silva Method is Known to Many
Has My Vote

“Anything with the name of Jose Silva as the author has my vote before I open to page one. Read it with a pen for underlining.” 
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Self Improvement Guru and Best-Selling Author of Real Magic
 I attended the 2 Silva courses with Stephen in January 2016 - it was definitely a great and very valuable experience.  Very simple, 
very practical; .. using what I learnt every day in all aspects of my life. Regardless of where you are coming from and what you are most interested in you will get a lot from these courses. 

I loved the programming and meditation, the mental housecleaning,
 the 3 to 1 method, the mirror of the mind,...! 

I definitely highly recommend!
Peggy Van De Plassche
Financial Services
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