"I am able to walk, dance and drive my car again... Thank You" - Betty Perry
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You can heal yourself from physical, mental or emotional illness with the power of your mind. It's real. It's proven. It works.
What this book will teach you
How to apply the simple yet effective techniques of meditation, visualization and creativity to active your bodies natural healing. The scientific name for this phenomena is psychoneuroimmunology or PNI for short. Dr. O. Carl Simonton, founder of the Simonton Cancer Centre, has been teaching these techniques to cancer patients and attaining survival results several times higher than with medical therapy alone. Here are some tips to keep in mind.
The 5 Most Important Tips:
  • The most powerful drug against any illness is your mind. Harness it's power to overcome whatever you are struggling with.
  • Relax. Regular relaxation through simple meditation techniques are proven to improve your immune system - nature's doctor. Self healing harnesses the power of nature.
  • Have a clear image of what being free from this illness means and visualize it often.
  • Transform any negative or disempowering thoughts to be positive as this strengthens your mind's ability to create something better.
  • Effort is progress. No matter how long it's been, keep at it and you will succeed!
Psychoneuroimmunology or PNI is the study of your mind affects your body's healing system. The Silva Method has taught this since the 1960's!
About The Author
Author Name
Stephen Dobos BBA, CSMI and certified Refloxologist. Stephen, at the age of 16, decided that he will do everthing he needs to, to be a better person and help others in every way he can. His career took him to Europe, where he ran the Sales team of several Fortune 500 businesses. However, when he turned 40, he felt there was more to life then just selling 'stuff'.

His never ending commitment to doing more took him to the Silva Method, which he learned and practiced with intensity. He cured his own ulcers and hemorrhoids using the system. Learning from this he taught some family and friends who then healed nut allergies, skin allergies as well as back pain and headaches. He knew these healings were only scratching the surface, so Stephen became a Certified Silva Method Instructor and has made it his duty to teach 10,000,000 people these powerful healing methods.
Harnessing The Power of Our Minds to Heal Ourselves Is Just Beginning. 
Harvard University's Department of Mind/Body Medicine is dedicated to researching how the mind/body connection improves health.
  • I was suffering from a chronic ear ache since I can remember. I was losing my hearing. Afraid I would have to use a hearing aid, I used the visualization techniques and within a week, my ear ache disappeared and my hearing is completely improved. 
    Monika Papp
  • I am able to dance, walk and drive my car again after being paralyzed in my left leg and arm for 14 years. I regained the full use of my left arm and leg after suffering a stroke. As a nurse, I have seen many stroke patients who never recovered. I an so grateful for learning the Silva Method. My life is transformed.
    Betty Perry
  • I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and following doctors advice for more than I year. MS continued to get worse, so I decided to use self healing. First my balance returned and in less than a year all my symptoms completely disappeared. One year later I was running the ultra marathon again and finally achieved my goal of a 212 km, 1.5 day ultra marathon. I hope that you too try using the Silva Method to self heal if you have MS.
    Adam Balogh
  • The Silva Method was the best decision I ever made. The impact it has had on my life is unbridled by anything that I have ever experienced. I suffered from Dyslexia throughout my life until I applied the techniques I learned in the Silva Method. I am literally free of this life long handicap of dyslexia, learning to spell virtually overnight at the age of forty and developing a heightened ‘Spiritual Sensitivity’ that allowed me to write Unshriven, my first published book.
    June Kidd